Pigepic (#141) is a Wind-type Temtem. It is not known to evolve into any other Temtem.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Pigepic is a fluffy, large pig Temtem. Its front is a deep pink, with light pink sparsely scattered around. Its shout resembles a heart shape, and its legs are stubby and short. Their eyes are black and beady. Although it is mainly deep pink at the front, the front connects to the back in a bullet shape, and the back half appears to be light pink entirely. Wing-like ears that flap in the wind also attach to the end of the bullet shape. Pigepic are often seen floating, and it is likely that their wing-like ears let them do that.

Pigepic are valued as playmates for small children, and many find them absolutely adorable.

Etymology Edit

”Pigepic” is a portmanteau of “pig”, an omnivorous mammal often kept in captivity, and “epic”, a word meaning large or amazing.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being Temtem number #141, Pigepic was the first Temtem to be revealed to the public, on social media websites.[1]

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